Dealer Testimonials

"We have found the Insta Divider Walls to be a very exciting product for container self-storage enterpreneus here in the UK. The strong design enables a swift change of storage size allowing you to quickly provide the right size for your customers."

Michael Walker
Quickfit Container Accessories
Elm House, UK

Quickfit Container Accessories

"As a dealer for Insta, I can share nothing but praisee for Insta's products and the service their corporate team provides to their dealers. Soon I'll have had the privilege of working with Joe and Brian for an entire decade! Striving to be the one-stop-shop for container sales, rentals and modifications - CSR is proud to stock and sell the products supplied by Insta Container Modifications. To be brief, I'll only share this opinion, which I often share with our customers: the products are refined products they appear to be in photos/videos online, good quality and the installs are just as straight forward as the videos show them to be. Need to know more? Give me a call."

Jake Morris
Coxon's Sales + Rentals Ltd.
Ontario, Canada

Coxon's Sales + Rentals

"I was looking for a less expensive, easier, yet rugged and visually appealing way to install a partition wall system into modified shipping containers. The containers are being used as mini storage units, so a solid divider wall is crucial. Insta Divider Walls provided just that, keeping the container appearance with easy installation in less than 10 minutes per wall. No welding or painting required!"

Maximilien Pailleret - Modifications Manager
Cratex Container Sales & Rentals
Delta, BC Canada

Cratex Container Sales & Rentals

"We have worked with INSTA for many years. They are always friendly and happy to help! Great pricing, prompt quotes and speedy shipping times. A pleasure to work with!"

Brooke Sicard
Coast Containers
British Columbia, Canada

Coast Containers

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