Warranty Policy

INSTA Container Modifications Warranty Policy

NICMA International Holdings Ltd. dbs., and parent company of INSTA Container Modifications, strives to give you prompt warranty claim service and is committed to processing your claim in a timely manner. IN order to avoid delays, please read carefully and submit all the necessary information.

(1)  One-year Limited Warranty

All INSTA Container Modifications products have a limited (1) one-year warranty period from the time of purchase and/or invoice date given to the dealer. Warranty is limited to manufacture defects and shipping damage. Please read the following carefully on what all is covered, and how to make a claim on warranty issues.

Manufacturer’s Defects Coverage: This warranty includes all parts of all INSTA Container Modifications products. All INSTA products should be inspected by dealers for defects at the time of arrival and before selling items to the dealer’s customer(s). If a INSTA product fails after installation within one-year of purchase and/or invoice date from NICMA International Holdings Ltd. by a dealer, and it is suspected to be a warranty issue, pictures must be provided of the INSTA Container Modifications product(s) before any clean-up, un-installation, or repair work is done, including close ups of the specific part of the product that is suspected to have failed and distant pictures from multiple angles of the malfunction. Failure to do so may result in a denied claim.

Shipping Damage Warranty: This warranty is for shipping from INSTA Container Modifications to the dealer only and is NOT transferred to shipping to the end customer from the dealer. Should products become lost or damaged during shipping INSTA Container Modifications will replace those parts/products including shipping fees. If damage or loss to the product is suspected during delivery, do NOT touch, or remove the shipment from the shipping truck. Take pictures of the shipment in the truck just how it arrived at the dealer’s location, these pictures are required for claim. Failure to do so may result in a denied claim. If the dealer determines the product was damaged during the shipping process, they may refuse to accept the shipment from the shipping company, and container INSTA Container Modifications immediately.

What’s NOT Covered Under Warranty: Items not covered by warranty include but are not limited to: abuse, neglect, in-proper installation, extreme conditions, tampering, environmental damage, customized fabrications, poor maintenance, or alterations to the INSTA Container Modification product(s). Providing as much information on your claim as possible with pictures will help us better determine that none of these conditions are a factor in your claim.

Shipping of Warranty Products: When INSTA product(s) are determined to be valid and covered by warranty, shipping of the replacement INSTA product(s) is covered by INSTA Container Modifications.

Third Party Repairs: Any repair work or installation replacement of a INSTA Container Modifications product by a third party are not covered under warranty and will not be refunded, reimbursed, or compensated in any form. If a dealer feels that INSTA Container Modifications should pay any such bills under warranty, proper authority must be given in writing before such repair work is started. Any bills given to INSTA Container Modifications for third party repairs without consent first will not be paid; no acceptations will be made.

In House Repair: Any repair work done to an INSTA Container Modifications product(s) within a dealer facility by their staff or owners of the company are not covered in the warranty in any way shape or form.

Due Diligence: It is the due diligence of the end user of the INSTA product(s) to make sure they are properly inspected and maintained at all times. This includes but is not limited to checking welding spots, checking wearing areas, lubricating moving parts, and checking bolts for tightness. These should be done on a regular basis on a container that does not move and done every time a container has moved locations.

Warranty Requests

Dealers: For dealers to request warranty on our INSTA product(s), they must comply with the warranty guidelines of this document Dealers must provide pictures of the INSTA product(s), showing the entire INSTA product(s) in the picture, as well as a close up of the defect. Dealers must provide an invoice of the INSTA product(s) purchased from INSTA Container Modifications and a receipt of the customers. All warranty requests can call 1-866-647-4353 or emailed to [email protected]

Customers: For customers to request warranty, they must comply with the warranty guidelines of this document. All requests should be made through the dealer you purchased the INSTA product(s) from. If for some reason your dealer cannot be located, you may contact us at 1-866-647-4353 or email [email protected] to assist you with your claim.

Replacement of Warranty Items: All warranty claims that are accepted will be replaced by the same INSTA product(s) it is replacing, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing beforehand by a service representative of INSTA Container Modifications. If the INSTA product(s) being replaced is no longer in production, it will be replaced by a similar INSTA product(s) of equal or greater value. All sales are final, and refunds are not provided under warranty. If a dealer has an overdue balance owing with INSTA Container Modifications, no warranty will be provided on any INSTA product(s) to it or its customers.

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