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New Banding and Tool!

May 19, 2022 By INSTA Container Modification

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New Banding and Tool!

Our new BXT3-16 battery powered strapping tool and banding provide a much safer shipping and receiving experience for our employees and customers!

This useful tool from Signode is a life saver. The green banding is safe and easy to cut, and the banding tool is powered by a strong motor that takes all the work out of fastening and tightening. It also has a digital display between three modes of operation, and you can choose how many newtons of force you would like to apply to the product you are banding to the pallet.


In the past, we used steel banding as our products are heavy and are required to be strongly secured to the shipping pallets. Also, steel banding requires special tools for removal once our customer receives their order. As you might guess with these problems arose safety concerns, that is why we had to look for an alternative solution for securing our products to the pallets they are shipped on. With some time and research we found this Polyester strapping and tool combination which is approved for all modes of transportation.


Although this wasn’t a small investment, we are happy that this product will streamline packaging and shipping as well as make the whole process a lot safer for employees and customers.


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