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Understanding Corner Castings for Shipping Containers

February 09, 2024 By INSTA Container Modification

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Understanding Corner Castings for Shipping Containers

When it comes to logistics, shipping containers are an essential method of transporting goods across the globe. These containers are designed to withstand constant exposure to the elements, which means they are incredibly durable; however, they do require specific components to make them secure and safe.

One of these components is corner castings, and here at Insta Container Modification, our #6210 INSTA Corner Castings are designed to maximize the use and security of your unit.


What are corner castings?

Corner castings are specially designed fittings that are welded onto the corners of a shipping container. Our castings are made from high-quality casting steel and are designed to provide a standard method of securing the container to other units, structures, or equipment.


Adding them to your container will allow it to be connected horizontally or vertically, allowing it to be easily transported by rail, road, or ship.


Why are they important?

Corner castings are an important addition to ensure your cargo container remains secure and safe during transit. They are designed to help distribute the weight of the container more effectively, reducing the stress on the sides and corners and helping to prevent damage.


Additionally, corner castings allow for easy and secure stacking of containers during transportation. The standardized sizing means they can be secured with a wide range of equipment, ensuring your container can safely be transported anywhere in the world.


Need corner castings for your unit?

If you are in need of corner castings for your cargo container, then Insta Container Modification is here to help you. We know how important they are in ensuring your unit can be safely and securely transported around the world, which is why we pride ourselves on delivering the very best products possible for our customers.


Find out more about our corner castings here, or get in touch with our team to find out more.

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