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Don’t build a permanent wall inside your container.

March 11, 2020 By INSTA Container Modification

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Don’t build a permanent wall inside your container.

This Insta Divider Wall made for shipping containers was a huge success at the NPSA (National Portable Storage Association) tradeshow in Las Vegas received the 2014 Innovation Award. Since its introduction, the Insta Divider Wall has become highly popular in the Mini-Storage Industry allowing anyone to easily split a shipping container in half and turning it into two storage spaces that are completely secure from each other. The Insta Divider Walls are easily removed or repositioned at any time without leaving any damage or sign of them ever being there. The Insta Divider Wall can be installed and removed in under 30 minutes as the product requires NO welding, just a handful of nuts and bolts. This product is made of corrugated steel for added strength and security and comes powder coated dark grey for a sleek look.


Product Quick Sheet | Installation Guide 

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