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Introducing the Newest Member to the Insta Modification Family!

February 19, 2020 By INSTA Container Modification

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Introducing the Newest Member to the Insta Modification Family!

These are universal bolt-on D-Ring lashing points for shipping containers. Designed for shipping containers that do not have D-Rings welded inside, but also gives you the flexibility to place D-Rings where you need them most. This product allows you to add extra lashing points or install D-Rings on shipping container end walls – NO welding needed! The D-Rings are computer-modeled, laser-cut, and powder coated dark grey. A laser-cut profile gives a snug fit in both the end wall and sidewall corrugations. These D-Rings are easily installed and make securing loads, hanging shelving and other accessories a breeze.


3213 Product Quick Sheet



  • Three (3) D-Rings per box
  • Six (6) x 5/16” hardened self-threading bolts
  • Three (3) x 1/4” self-tapping screws



  • Bolt-on application
  • NO welding required
  • Laser-cut
  • Powder-coated

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