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#4187 Insta 8" Container Swivel Caster Wheel

The INSTA 8” (203 mm) Container Swivel Caster Wheel will allow you to move your shipping container around with ease. Using a twist-lock mechanism for easy installation this caster wheel is made with heavy-duty steel and has a 3” (76 mm) width wheel. Each wheel includes a brake to secure the container in place and has a load rating of 6,600 lbs. (3 tons). Brake is included with the wheel.

Call us today if you have any questions regarding our INSTA products. Ask us about the other shipping container modification products we offer such as our high-security INSTA Lock Boxes, INSTA Vents, and INSTA Rhino Door for shipping containers.

#4187 Insta 8" Container Swivel Caster Wheel

  • 8” / 203 mm diameter
  • 3” / 76 mm width wheel
  • 3 tons / 6,600 lbs. rating/per caster
  • Swivels to easily move a shipping container
  • Brake included
  • Twist-lock mechanism

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