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#4340 InstaLager Drafting Planning Table Set

The #4340 InstaLager Shipping Container Shelving System is the most versatile shelving system. It features adjustable shelf heights, variable angles and unobstructed floor space for flexible storage. The InstaLager Planning/Drafting Table Set includes all parts to mount on a finished wall, but can easily be used in an unfinished container with the addition of the #4234 InstaLager Container Modification Kit. The kit allows the shelf system to hang right off the container d-rings leaving no damage on the container when un-installed. The InstaLager Planning/Drafting Table Set comes with everything you need to assemble a practical, strong and versatile work station. Each support bar is rated to hold 1200 lbs. and each shelf bracket 400 lbs. evenly distributed over the length of the shelf. The wood is not included.
*Assembly required.

Call us today if you have any questions regarding our INSTA products. Ask us about the other shipping container modification products we offer such as our high-security INSTA Lock Boxes & Locks, INSTA Vents, and
INSTA Rhino Door for shipping containers.

#4340 InstaLager Drafting Planning Table Set

  • Rated for 400 lbs. (181 kg) per bracket arm
  • Rated for 1200 lbs. (544 kg) per bracket
  • Two (2) x #4210 InstaLager Vertical Tube 48” / 1225 mm
  • Two (2) x #4220 InstaLager Horizontal Tube 15.75” / 400 mm
  • Two (2) x #4218 InstaLager Horizontal Tube 22” / 560 mm
  • Four (4) x 4360 Bolt Bag “A”
  • Four (4) x #4345 InstaLager Connecting Plate/Sloped
  • Four (4) x #4347 InstaLager Connecting Plate

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