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#6010 INSTA Euro 3' x 4' Window

Our INSTA Euro 3x4 Window is a new version of our tried and true #6066 INSTA Window that offers a heavy-duty one-piece integrated steel frame to provide ease of installation, strength and security.

This window is 3'x4' (0.91m x 1.22m) in size and has a superior quality dual pane aluminum insert window.

The INSTA Euro Window boasts a unique window opening feature that allows the window to be opened in two completely different ways, creating excellent versatility.

The locking bug screen is also a great feature of our new window. It utilizes a sliding lock from the inside to enhance security, lock in place or remove quickly in an emergency.

The new #6011 INSTA Euro 3'x4' Security Screen will also be available as an add on to this great new product.

#6010 INSTA Euro 3' x 4' Window

  • 9 gauge steel frame
  • Frame: 3’ H x4’ W / 0.91m x 1.22m.
  • Superior quality dual pane aluminum insert window.
  • 105 lbs. / 47.6 kg.
  • Locking bug screen.
  • Designed for bolt-on or weld-on application.
  • Drip plate included.
  • Unique 2-way opening.

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