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#6066 Insta 3'x3' Window

This is one tough and stylish window! This window looks as good as it is strong. Designed for maximum security, the grate can be opened from the inside allowing an unobstructed view. This window is 3'x3' (0.91m x 0.91m) and can be bolted-on or welded-in if desired to the container wall. The frame is made of 14 gauge steel square tubing. The product includes a sliding bug screen and a drip plate.

Call us today if you have any questions regarding our INSTA products. Ask us about the other shipping container modification products we offer such as our high-security INSTA Lock Boxes, INSTA Vents, and INSTA Rhino Door for shipping containers.

#6066 Insta 3'x3' Window

  • 14 gauge steel frame / 1.6 mm
  • Frame: 40"W x 40"H / 1m x 1m
  • 130 lbs. / 59 kg
  • Dual-pane thermal PVC window
  • Fold-down security screen for easy exit
  • Easy to open window
  • Sliding bug screen
  • Bolt-on or weld-in
  • Drip plate included

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