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#6204 INSTA Hanging Stacking Cone (Locking)

These INSTA hanging stacking cones are designed to safely stack shipping containers and to keep them in position while stacked. Lateral movement is eliminated when these hanging stacking cones are in place. While in use, containers are separated by the thickness of the flange.

  1. Lift container.
  2. While container is suspended, place hanging stacking cone into the underside of a bottom corner casting, cone facing down. Ensure it locks in place with the locking lever.
  3. Repeat the above on the remaining three bottom corner castings.
  4. With all four hanging stacking cones locked to the underside of the container’s corner castings, lift the container to stack onto another container of the same size.
  5. Align the newly-placed cones in the upper container with the corner casting holes of the lower container.
  6. Lower upper container until fully bearing on lower container.
  7. Ensure each corner of the upper container is fully seated on the hanging stacking cone flange.
  8. Your container is now securely stacked.

#6204 INSTA Hanging Stacking Cone (Locking)

  • 8.3 lbs / 3.75 kgs
  • 4.75" / 120 mm overall height
  • Breaking load of 50 tons

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